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About Geeks

●Concept of Geeks

Geeks is a website to interact by posting your ideas for fabrication.
Let's post your dreams and fancies.
Let's share opinions and advices together and make your dream come true!
However, please refrain from negative remarks. 
Keyword is "fabrication with excitement"!

●Features of Geeks

Great feature of Geeks is that you can post your idea without assuming commercialization.
In other words, we aim to make a free place of posting and exchanging ideas.

Maruso Industry co., ltd., site operators, are manufacturers, too.
We will participate actively in the process of realizing your ideas with making use of our skills and know-how.
However, we are not familiar with manufacturing of all kinds.
We would like manufacturers and engineers to support ideas by taking advantage of their skills and facilities with excitement of fabrication.
As a result, new business may be born.
Of course, it is OK to post your own ideas as well.

If your original product is finished, "Geeky Factory", a crowdfunding site for fabrication, will help you for its commercialization. 

In Geeks, you can count on ideas and supporters from not only Japan but also the United States at the same time. 
Let's use the "Geeks" when you want to form your fancy ideas.

●Relationship between the inventor and Geeks

Relationship we want to make with inventors is that we want to be partners for you to make your ideas come true.

●For users who want to help the ideas

Geeks aims to be fabrication sites in which everyone can participate regardless of individual and corporation.
Let's develop ideas by commenting your opinions. 
Let's advices to make ideas come true with the help of your skill. 
Let's create a world of excitement with user’s participation!

●Words in Geeks

Words used in Geeks are as follows; (Key word is “Waku-Waku” excitement)

member a person who has the account of Geeks
inventor a member who propose the idea
supporter a member who support the inventor to realize his or her ideas with various skills and advices
idea a concept to realize a product and so on
comment your opinion and skillful advice on ideas
Love (heart symbol) to click on the heart symbol for ideas and comments you felt that you "Like"
close to end the recruitment of supporters for the idea that have developed to inventor’s satisfaction

●Rules of Geeks

Geeks have established a minimum rule for your comfortable use.
Please read the "Terms of Use" beforehand.

●Recommended browsers of Geeks

For you to use Geeks at ease, the browsers below are recommended as follows;

Internet Explorer 9.x, 10.x
Google Chrome (Latest version)
Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)
Safari 5.0 and after

Let’s meet various people and make world cheerful by exciting product-making
through Geeks!