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How to Post idea


①    Please read “Term of Use” before you post a project.

First of all, please read the "Terms of Use". 
And please consider how to convey the feelings of you for the project to get sympathy from supporters. 
The projects that have already posted in the "Geeks" should also be helpful.
»Terms of Use

②    Let's apply your project to be posted.

Please fill out the posting form on the next page.
Let's post as your idea with detailed description.

③    Idea posting start.

Before publication of the idea, we will consider whether we post your idea or not. 
So please allow us time for it after you submit your idea.

④    Let’s promote your idea to the full.

After your idea posting starts, let’s spread your idea information via SNS to succeed it.
We will also promote your projects by our SNS account and newsletters in Geeks.

⑤    Close of idea

Let's close idea when it reaches a satisfactory level. 
Ideas are subject to be closed at operation side in some cases. 
After ideas are closed, but you cannot get love and comments that have been posted will continue to be published.

⑥    To the next stage.

Consider the commercialization of ideas. 
If you want it commercialized, you can use “Geeky Factory” a crowdfunding site for manufacturing.
You can recruit the various resources as well as funds in the "Geeky Factory".
Please feel free to contact us if there is something you do not know. 
Now is a time to post the idea immediately!