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Our Pick of the Month: TREAD ™ LT (Wearable multi tools)


Illustrated by Natsumi


When you hear “wearable” nowadays, you probably imagine a high tech gadget.  However, this bracelet, “TREAD™ LT”, is not a stereotypical wearable one.  Indeed, this is without any electronic circuit.

At a glance, “TREAD™ LT” looks like a stainless steel watch (or a metal belt strap watch).  You wouldn’t imagine there are as many as 29 built in tools in the strap such as a safety cutter, a bottle opener, screw and hex drives, and wrenches.  You would wonder where these tools are hiding.  The answer is that this bracelet is composed of 11 interchangeable links, and each link is designed to have 2 to 3 tools.  You also have an option to have a stylish watch linked to the bracelet.  If you do get this option, no matter how you look at it, it looks nothing but a watch.  For sure, no one ever imagines you are actually wearing 29 tools.

You are always be with tools by fashionably wearing it, so there is no more “I know it is somewhere, but cannot find it when needed!”

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