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Geeks News Letter 2017/1/26


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Our Pick of The Month 1:

Tire Socks

Have you put snow chains on tires?  I’ve been lucky enough to always have someone who can do the work for me so far.  But, when I observe how to put them on, it looks a hard and time consuming task in freezing temperature.  If I need to do this at night, I will be hit with a double-whammy.

How about the noise?  When I drive with chains on, it sounds like something, ...Read More


Our Pick of The Month 2:

TREAD ™ LT (Wearable multi tools)

When you hear “wearable” nowadays, you probably imagine a high tech gadget.  However, this bracelet, “TREAD™ LT”, is not a stereotypical wearable one.  Indeed, this is without any electronic circuit.

At a glance, “TREAD™ LT” looks like a stainless steel watch ... Read More



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