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Mokunen-San: Playdough


Illustrated by Natsumi


Since you are on this page reading this post, you are probably into creating something.   What do you do with your finished projects usually?  Unless you really like what you’ve created, you might eventually get rid of your artworks.  You might, however, reluctantly put them in a trash can because you've spent lots of time designing/shaping them. 

I’ve come across a wonderful product called “Mokunen-San”, which is produced by a pencil manufacturer.  In the process of making pencils, they get tons of sawdust, industrial waste.  “Mokunen-san” is playdough made out of the sawdust.  You might already have a positive, eco-friendly impression on the product, but this is not all that you need to know.

When you are creating something with “Mokunen-san”, it almost feels like regular playdough having enough elasticity.  When your finished artwork dries, it looks more like an unglazed  pottery, but workable like a wood object.  You can further work on your artwork by craving or painting with “Wood Paint” which is also made out of sawdust. 

Now getting back to the previous topic of “hard to get rid of what you’ve made”, “Mokunen-san makes it easy for you.  Since “Mokunen-san is made of sawdust, it is biodegradable with a help of bacteria/fungi.  Placing your artwork in the ground knowing that it will be back to a part of the nature might give you a peace of mind.




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