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Get Ready for Summer ①




Summer is around the corner already (sorry, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere!).  And, these items previously posted by our members might make your summer even more enjoyable.

1. UV Cut Fan

This special fan is introduced by our member, issay.  He wants men, who might hesitate to use portable parasols, to try to use this fan instead.  (Many, especially women, can be seen walking with "an sun umbrella" in the sunny summer days in Japan.)

When you are outdoors, this UV registant fan can be a useful protecting your skin as well as fanning yourself to cool down.  

If you have an idea to brush up issay’s "UV Cut Fan", please feel free to brag about it to us!  How about an idea like changing it to a folding UV cut fan to "carry it compact & use it big"??


2. Hammock X Hanger Rack

Napping in a hammock!  Just thinking about that would gurantee me to have sweet dreams.  That's perfect for hot summer days sleeping in this way. 

However, you might not have space for a hammock in your backyard / patio, or you possibly just prefer to stay indoors.  If you place your hammock in your room, you might think it is  taking too much space as being “in your way” all the time.

"Hammock X Hanger Rack" idea introduced by “Ryoma ”will solve this problem.   His idea goes like this:  this is a hanger rack when that is standing up right, but when it is laid on its side, it gets converted to a hammock.  If you come up with any ideas (e.g. what other functions to have when it is used as a hanger rack) to add on to Ryoma’s Hammock X Hanger Rack, please let us know.

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