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Geeks News Letter 2018/5/25


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Our Work In Progress of The Month:

Get Ready for Summer ①

Summer is around the corner already (sorry, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere!).  And, these items previously posted by our members might make your summer even more enjoyable.

1. UV Cut Fan

This special fan is introduced by our member, issay.  He wants men, who might hesitate to use portable parasols, to try to use this fan instead.  (Many, especially women, can be seen walking with "an sun umbrella" in the sunny summer days in Japan.)

When you are outdoors, this UV registant fan can be a...Read More


Our Work In Progress of The Month:

Get Ready for Summer ②

1. Turn a regular bike into a motor-assisted one!

Geeks member “Yanchi。” started thinking about a converter that would make a traditional bike into a motor-assisted one when he witnessed his coworker was still riding a “no longer assisted, motor-out-of-order" bike (which means it was just an extra heavy bike).  He is hoping to make a very affordable gadget made of motors that would sandwich the rear tire to assist the ride.  

Riding a bike is a good exercise, (yes, we all know that!!)  but doing so in hot summer could be tiresome.  If we can snap on and off this gadget easily, we can convert a bike into an assisted one seasonally or  even only on the way back home after regularly riding  a... More here



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