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Geeks Full possibility to make Kei Fang


Geeks is a site to post the feeling that "be nice if there such a thing".
To promote think that speed is to share with everyone, and empathy by get opinions and advice, try to make a prototype. I will show you an example of the Company which is the operator!

<-Delusion dream>
In the workshop on ideas within our employees our night shift shift
(Our three shifts, 24 hours, hanger manufacturer of running about 350 days) of oversleeping,
If there are things that it is possible to solve the problem of being late? There was a brainchild of the.


Product to waken forced many (vibratory alarm watch, alarm clock moving) already exists
(Interview with our production staff)

To be able to sleep (light, noise) in ⇒ daytime you can not sleep in the daytime ⇒ overslept of night shift workers, I wish I had those eyes like wake up without stress?

<Handwriting illustration>
This is a draft of the "alarm light with eye mask."
Rather than raising force the people of incurable "overslept, waking pleasant and good night's sleep
From feeling that "want to send, and that our goodies (awaken in the soft light, not the sound) of the eye mask type
Change in thinking has occurred.

In this image depicts a view from there

It went to trial in this way.

Far has been in the form now.

It does not go with the commercialization still, but very well received and ask them to use to those who do not correct the actually overslept.

Exposes the steps up the prototype of The Geeks, it will help you ideas of everyone is to form.
, Please feel free to post if you wanted to "be nice if there is such a thing," everyone!