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(前編)Maker Faire Bay Area 2014


And has been visiting the Maker Faire Bay Area 2014.
In the event of a once a year that Make magazine technical publisher O'Reilly issue in the United States organized by the Maker Faire, manufacturing until like individual manufacturer from corporation manufacturer of robots and consumer electronics, the 3D printer, etc., various Makers There is an event must be exhibited.
Ogaki Mini Maker Faire 2014 seems to be held in Ogaki, Gifu and Maker Faire Tokyo 2014 at Tokyo this year in Japan.

It is the Maker Faire to be held in various parts of the world but, Maker Faire Bay Area this time of the largest among them.

Please look at this large matrix. And this is not just the corner.

We arrived at the entrance gate near at last. In the photo to the right sky is the drone for aerial photography.

Product born from Quirky and 3D printer.

Elephant made of cardboard and walk and bike riding.

This changes to various sounds if there is a sensor on the back of the tree, Tampering with the amplifier.

They are blacksmith's. It is a type to survive in survival.

Pose decided to have a foundation of ArduinoCPU.

Children Maker's classroom.

Place to play and events for children because there are many, families and there are quite a lot.

Are a lot of people anyway, from children to old people, young and old is also very generation.
Exhibitors also many DIY on an individual, I feel the Na'm DIY I love Americans.
I felt the atmosphere you to express honestly what I thought he would want to make, everyone will enjoy it, air mutual respect for the individual ideas and even wacky, no matter how such a feeling of excitement.
I think you would like to spread to everyone the sense such in the "Geeks".

We will continue to introduce the works of many that could not be tell this time next time.



This event was such brain stimulants for me. And I was so happy to see many kids. They must've been absorbing lots of new things.