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Maker Faire Kansas City


Was held in a place called Union Station on the Kansas City, Missouri this time Maker Faire Kansas City is a report of. Because it is a medium-sized city of 2 million people The combined population of Missouri Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, which are adjacent to each other are located in the center of America, California, the scale of the Maker Faire also visitors also visited last time although small, what was issued was a firm "things who people like manufacturing has created" Contrary to the expectation that would be lonely compared to Maker Faire State San Mateo, when compared to the scale.

And we participate in the fair this time, through the crowdfunding in the same manufacturing industry has been successful in commercializing zenschool I had me side-by-side product of the seniors. Product which was exhibited this time of NITTO Corporation " iPhone Trick Cover and "of Gohikari HatsuJo Ltd." SpLink "," light of the limited company Seiko Pump up round and round three of ". "Japan taste" or was transmitted, and "Cool!", It was very popular all! People had visited all the time also Geeks our booth you are full of visitors for two days of Maker Faire in session. Next time, I want to sort the products our various more when you exhibit. If you have products that you want side by side, please contact us.

It is a thing such as blowguns and the assembled gun type as block the plastic pipe that has been purchased at a home center, and fly blowing in the bullet marshmallows in the picture below the "marshmallow gun," but it is very popular for children were. This is also but it is innovation.

Ring of this place is that it was made ​​using a clock that is no longer used.

Made in Kansas corner that I thought it was interesting and Na. Was a sensational among the bacon jam. I'm also cooking to enter the category of "manufacturing" indeed. And that somewhere salty person of taste to be worried about though sweet, is feeling like salt, salt caramel chocolate which became a staple fashion in Japan. Combinations that are not tied to this concept is wonderful.

I was showing off the game to compete with a robot that high school students the local team has created the game, such as the basket and people who came to costume made ​​of vacuum form in the other.

"From what I will start to become a manufacturer" in the course, many people had listened seriously.

It was also true in SanMateo but the elderly to are impressed with visitors young and old alike just from families with children. It is reminded that instead of being limited to only certain people that there is a manufacturing, that everyone's such that there is interest. It is thought to spend the time with the mobile phone or tablet with many recent generation, including children of my own, but the children who will lead the next generation in this Maker Faire is'm able to make easy to like, "He I think that the ... ", it gave me the feeling I'm sure.

Another, it may be that was also in the Maker Faire SanMateo that visited the page last time but this announcement at the end.

Place the media to take pictures and videos in various forms in the Maker Faire this. People who do not want to be taken was written and please do not admission to Maker Faire. Thought of the organizers of the "open source" was felt.
It was Maker Faire Kansas City exhibitors first experience was with, but now what you can experience manufacturing spirit and dwells in any person.


Ryoma Kondo・2014/07/09

Manufacturing It is also Cool Japan! Product manufacturing SMEs in Japanese technology has developed to world-class!