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The challenge to crowdfunding in stabilizer for the iPhone ~ Adopurasu Seike Hideaki like ~


Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture, we have heard the talk to Mr. Hideaki Adopurasu-Seike in challenge to crowdfunding the world's smallest of the stabilizer for the iPhone "Elephant Steady".

It is in support accepted by crowdfunding campfire also currently.

I was tempted to make their favorite things

Kondo: Although it is in the challenge to crowdfunding in the current Elephant Steady, Gizmon I it other has been developed a variety of products in brand. How Will of said circumstances?

Seike said: originally was the engineer of the software. Software development even of course now we're going. And we've made ​​it is said to be "making such a thing," until now, but now want to make their favorite things. So we began the product development using their own and their skills and network.

Kondo: Why was it that using the crowdfunding?

Seike said: funding, publicity, is market research. Some of the things that was sold to until now, if the same thing or something similar to the tens of thousands selling car for example, but market research is available from past sales data, what I want to make such a thing not a. Even going to try to raise funds from banks and investors, it is useless and can not market research. That supplement the soles were crowdfunding. If successful in crowdfunding, and then you can be mass-produced and sold is determined that there is a market value, it can also be used as the track record of the proposed bank or the like. If it fails in the crowdfunding to mean that there was no marketable, you can give up the commercialization in advance.

Kondo: Certainly I think marketing is difficult.

Seike said: We think even that it product is impossible, such as not in the market until now (laughs)

Kondo: I here iCA5 also can very well. It is cool.

Seike said: iPhone will also function as a digital camera. When you are directed to anything I think not, but the camera can be directed the iPhone, and I think you become a final smile. Where it was decided to design to camera iPhone. Nikon F and is a guide, do not think that you put in your pocket. Those made ​​in much the 70s I think the golden age. For example, I'm In terms of the car is not running Nante recently sedan. But it does not draw the sedan when to draw the car of the picture to a child? iCA also we have a classic design that "Korezo camera". By the way, this iCA5 but has sold over 10,000 units were not selling like I thought iCA FLASH and SOFT iCA.

Kondo: 10,000 is incredible.

Seike said: You are determined to be he who was sold in the year 3,000 to 10,000.

Kondo: Where'd the gist of this Elephant Steady?

Seike said: this Elephant Steady perform the control of the stabilizer in the iPhone. iPhone offers a wide CPU, camera, the necessary control of the sensor or the like. Small while is inexpensive that they take advantage of it, and has developed a high-performance stabilizer. Appearance is as simple as possible, you have the image of the Apostle of Evangelion.

(Elephant Steady mock photo)

Kondo: Although it is in the challenge to crowdfunding in the current campfire, it has already been successful funding in kickstater. Either would have been how to try to use the kickstater?

Seike said: kickstarter went several times to Los Angeles in order to take advantage of. Although at first hurdle was high, we have been grabbing somehow trick now. Features of kickstater I is that supporters come variously advice. For example Elephant than good 3-axis rather than a two-axis in Steady it was also opinion that. This time, the two axes in order to inexpensive, for example, when the three-axis, is the person who gave me the advice to us to expand the review and willing their opinion has been adopted. It is a large bottom of the advertising effect.

Kondo: Please tell me the future prospects of your company.

Seike said: we are also developing products that utilize crowdfunding future. There are already some number of ideas. The around the autumn of this year and we want to challenge again kickstater.

Kondo: Thank you very much.

(Photos in the camera of the collection and the office. I seem sometimes come up with ideas from this collection)

(ICA was lowered from the neck, Mr. our delighted Kihara)

«Postscript» "Elephant Steady" is that of the corresponding also scheduled to iPhone6.

«Postscript 2014/10 / 30»
the iPhone6 ​​edition of iCA is being assisted at the reception Kickstater