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Maker Faire Bay Area 2015


We visited Maker Faire Bay Area 2015 this year too which was held for 3 days (5/15-5/17) in San Mateo City in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We were greatly entertained by lots of people who really made their dream products.

If you ever enjoy kayaking, you might dream about owning your own kayak.  If you are, however, planning to own one, then you have to consider having a big SUV/truck to carry and a space to keep your kayak.  These folding kayaks "Oru Kayak” will solve such problems for you. By folding this kayak just like folding origami, this can be folded into a small box. 

They're crowdfunding a new big model in Kickstarter now. The first model is already available for purchase around $ 1,275.

This 16’ kayak can be folded into a carry bag (32”X28”X15”)  pictured in the left photo in about 10 minutes.  Driving a small car no longer limits your option of owning your own kayak.  Likewise, it won’t cause you a headache when you need to fly with your own kayak to your dream kayaking destination.

Here is something you might enjoy: "Grow your own mushroom kits" 
Of course, all edible mushrooms will grow. They can be harvested in 10-14 days, 3-5 times harvests in a period of 2-3 months.  It should be fun waiting for the harvest of organic mushrooms while observing the growth of the plants.

The photo below is a set of gigantic table and chairs.  When we, grownups, see children standing atop a desk or chair, we tend to scold them with furrowed brows. But, if we get to play with this set, we will think back in time and recall how we used to play just like regular kids, and you probably then understand how kids are growing their curiosity and developing a spirit of adventure.  They also might be building up their athletic ability and developing creative and imaginative thinking as climbing up chairs and tables.  This gigantic set might make us a little more generous next time when we catch kids playing there.

A couple met and fell in love with “Yakitori” when they moved to San Francisco.  Since then they always wanted to enjoy Yakitori with their friends and family.  So, they ended up making their own " Yakitori Grill ".  This can also currently be seen in Kickstarter.
"Yakitori Grill" is so compact, and it comes with a tote bag for carry on.  You can easily bring it to the nearby park or balcony/patio to enjoy Yakitori with your loved ones.  Unlike large American grills, this grill is small enough to set on a table for people to gather around it.  The concept of compact grill attracted lots of Maker’s Faire visitors.

We would never be able to imagine how hard it could be to be forced to depend on others in even simple activities of daily life until you become paralytic or disable.  This wheelchair called “Brain Chair” will move you around by getting signals from your brain waves.  This project once completed might be a big hope for many disabled persons in wheelchair to attain for the first time or regain their self-independence.

These are speakers made out of glass bottles, easily purchasable in stores.  Yes, they are small, but they do the perfect role as speakers.

Next to our “Geeks” booth, there was a very interesting booth showing a solar cooker,  "SOLRMATIC".The picture in the above right has two cooking pots in a metal box.  Just place the solar panel pictured in the above left on top of the box and let it controlled by the device pictured in the below, then the box will transform itself to become an eco solar oven.

The temperature is monitored by thermo sensor, and the data can be viewed on a PC or smartphone.
This oven will keep the preset temperature by moving and rotating the solar panel towards or against the sun light. The oven might be used for camping or during a natural disaster.

It was such a motivating 3-days event observing lots of people who used their imagination to create what they thought “that would be so convenient to have this!” or “It would be fun to have this.”  Let’s enjoy making “something” you imagine, and just have fun.