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Our Pick of The Month: Pancake Bot


Illustrated by Natsumi

There has been a significant change in price of printers between now and a few years ago, yet the printer we are introducing today is a bit expensive ($299.99).  What makes the difference is that it is the world’s first food printer which uses pancake batter instead of ink.  This printer was also shown at a Maker Faire which took place at the White House.

It can print out (by producing pancakes) anything from the computer, even your original or simply downloaded artworks from the internet.

The inventor of the product, PancakeBot, Miguel Valenzuela is an artist, engineer, designer, and a father of two daughters.  He was inspired by a pancake stamping machine made with Lego, and he wondered if he could use Lego to make a pancake printing machine for his daughters.  He worked on developing the machine for 6 months, and he was finally able to print the first successful pancake, which became the “PancakeBot”. 

This machine would surely make a fun weekend breakfast.  It might also do a perfect birthday party activity or an amusing school technology lab class for kids.


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Translated by Kai