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Our Pick of The Month: The Ping-Pong Door


Illustrated by Natsumi

The Ping-Pong Door 

What would you imagine when you hear “Ping-Pong Door”?   Well, it is what it is.  It’s a normal door between rooms that can turn into a ping pong table.  To transform the door, you would leave the outer parts as is, and flip the inner part until it gets flat.  You don’t want a ping pong table to take too much space in your house, right?  Yet using this table, you can pull it out whenever you want; without taking too much space in daily life.  You can now include a ping pong game at a party or in your daily excise! 


Don’t you feel like this Ping-Pong Door idea could be applied to any other items?  Please let us know your interesting ideas!

Translated by Kai