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Our Pick of The Month: Heated Butter Spreader "Spread THAT!"


Illustrated by Natsumi

Are you a butter lover or a margarine lover?  Well I use margarine on bread, but I’m considering switching up to butter since I hear good stories about it recently. I’m pretty sure you’ve tried to spread butter that just has come out of the fridge in vain in a busy morning.  I wish I can smear butter on bread nicely without ripping it off.

The product we are introducing today is called “Spread THAT!.”  It’s a butter knife that uses one of the principles of heat transfer; Thermal energy travels from hot material to cold material.  The warmth of your hand travels into the butter spreader made out of copper alloy tube.  The spreader will be warm enough to soften butter savorily in about 20 seconds.  Copper alloy tube is also used to cool down CPUs in computers by transferring heat out of CPUs.

It’s useful for other rrefrigerated foods such as jam, cream cheese, etc.…

If you own this product, tell us your how you like it!

Reference: Https://Www.Kickstarter.Com/projects/that/heated-butter-spreader/description