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Our Pick of The Month: "Flatulence Filtering Underwear"


Illustrated by Natsumi


One of our unwanted phenomena is flatulence, and we might not break wind even if we know that holding the gas is not the optimal choice for us physiologically.  But, considering the possible  outcomes, odor and fart sound, some of us are simply willing to hold it in.

Shreddies, a UK company, has achieved a breakthrough in this problem, and it produces “Flatulence Filtering Underwear.”  Their underwear contains "activated carbon cloth sandwiched between layers of jersey fabric", which captures and filters even Guinness World Record-recognized odor of ethyl mercaptan.    It can be interpreted that you are still safe releasing 200 times more smelly gas than the average one.  The underwear lasts its effect during the life of the garment, or it could be worn repeatedly for 2-3 years.  It is said that we pass gas about 14 times a day, and Shreddies motto is “fart with confidence”. 

They also have flatulence jeans and pajamas available.  If you use multiple filters of their items, there should be nothing to fear of the smelly farts.  Gas leaks even in the car or on the train?  Not an issue anymore!!



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Translated by Kai