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Our Pick of The Month: "mykid pod"


Illustrated by Natsumi


When you go out shopping, or go for a walk in the park, haven’t you had a hard time with kids who like to wander around?   It is nearly impossible to walk hand in hand with kids all the time; they will twist and wiggle their hands or do all available means to escape from your hand.  Also if you are with 2 or more kids, it is almost unfeasible to keep an eye on all of them.  Probably part of you are thinking that you would like to give kids a little freedom of their own, but the other part of you are thinking what if “they get lost” or “they are kidnapped”.

Here is a device that would help this situation called “mykid pod”.   Don’t let the cute design fool you.  This is a very functional device to keep kids safe.  This can be easily placed on a kid’s wrist (like a watch) or on a shoe or belt.  Once you connect it to your smartphone, you can set a boundary (“a range of about 15’ in an open environment) wherein you allow your kids to wander around.  If your kid go beyond the preset boundary, then mykid pod will sound an 70db alarm; vacuum machine's noise level.  Your smartphone also receives a notification.

Because this device gets connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth; no cellphone data required, it can be used in camping or underground shopping areas where there is no signal available.   

This band also has a button for a kid to push whenever she or he needs help to alert you.

“It won’t be a replacement” for adult supervision, of course, but it will be an “extra safety net and help make supervising” kids in public easier.

If you wish there is something available to ease the hard time you experience while you are out with kids, please share that in our site!

Source: Https://Mykidpod.Com