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Our Pick of The Month: Ghost Decals


Illustrated by Natsumi


For drivers, have you ever been distracted by high beam headlights coming from the back of your car? Selfish drivers are in every country, yet China has been using an interesting sticker to inhibit the usage of high beam lights.

This sticker is to put on the rear window of your car, and nothing can be seen on the window unless high beams hit the sticker.  A horific graphics will appear to frighten the driver behind you who is hitting you with anoying and dangerous high beams.

The scary graphics on the sticker would probably startle the driver, and they might also function well to discourage high beam lights. Currently the sticker itself, however, is not legal in China.  Moreover, keep in mind that you have to be responsible for any car accidents caused by the stickers too.  But, we cannot deny that this is a very unique approach to the problem.

If you have an idea how to stop these troublesome beams, please share the idea with us.



Translated by Kai