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Our Pick of The Month: " 60 Second Salad Maker"


Illustrated: Natsumi



When I am adding a salad to my meal, I feel I’m upgrading my meal looks-wise and nutrition-wise. In spite of the simple look, it takes more than “simple” time to prepare a salad.  I would need to wash all the ingredients, and from there I need to chop, chop, and chop on a cutting board.  Unless I have a gigantic cutting board, I know some of my chopped veggies like to fall down to the floor giving me an extra cleaning job to do.   

When I came to know the product “60-Second Salad Maker”, I was really impressed with the solve-problem idea product.  I don’t know how many times I’ve made a mess chopping salads or how many times I skipped including salads feeling lazy to prepare.  I’ve heard repeatedly that you don’t look for ideas to build, but you identify a problem and try to solve it, which then leads you to a new idea. “60-Second Salad Maker” is really a good example of this.

With this salad maker, I just need to wash and rinse veggies in a colander-looks bowl and place a lid on it.  Then put the covered bowl upside down; so now the lid becomes the base, and the colander is on the top.  “The colander” has slits that I can cut veggies through, and as rotating the top (the colander part), I can cut vegetables in a different direction through slits to chop into smaller pieces without opening the lid (without making a mess).

 “60-Second Salad Maker” inventor said that a ready to eat salad pack is faster to get shrivel and go brown than fresh vegetable.  So it would make more sense to make your own fresh salad especially if it doesn’t take much of your time.

If you have something you would scream about not wanting to do while cooking, please share that with us, and someone might have an idea to solve it!