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Our Pick of The Month: "SUGOI! Mop"


Illustrated by Natsumi


Everyone has things they are suited or unsuited for.  For example, my husband loves gardening, and he is so happy to wake up 30-50 mins earlier in the morning just to do weeding.  Or I should say, thinking about gardening pleasantly wakes him up, which might be more suitable expression:)


On the other hand, I love to see the backyard well maintained.  However, it happens a lot that I haven't even walked out to our small backyard for a few months.  I really have to plan and force myself to do “keeping it maintained”.  If something can make me happy to do even the things that I’m usually not willing to do, then that's really a magic.


All that being said, here I would like to introduce you to "SUGOI! Mop".  If you are not a cleaning lover, or you are trying to make your kids do clearing chore, then this could be a hit for you.  It is a remote controlled mop that users might don't feel like they are cleaning, rather they might feel like they are playing a game!  If this mop can be connected to an app where points can be earned, or some sort of acrobatic movements (to show off) can be done, then it might be even more fun to play (clean) with this mop.

If you have any fun idea that might make you do with smile even the things you want to avoid by all means, click here to share with us!