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Our Pick of The Month: "Double-Surprise Small Clip"


Illustrated by Natsumi


It is a small clip called “SII Clip” produced by Maruso Industry, Geeks’ parent company.  Maruso Industry manufactures plastic hangers and clips used in dry cleaners.  In quest of a replacement for a commonly used safety pin, they were trying to image a new type of pin.

Safety pins are ideal for holding clothes (e.g. a skirt) on a hanger strongly, but they wondered if ① pins (needles) wouldn't prick workers fingers/hands, ② if it wasn't harder for a pin to go through a tick clothes, and also ③ if locking and unlocking in volume were not nuisance. Setting a goal to eliminate or at least reduce these possible shortcomings, they pictured the new clip to be needleless (leaving no holes behind), easy to work with, and most importantly holding clothes as strongly as a safety pin would do.

The secret is an inner bar of the clip.  When the bar is placed correctly between fabrics, it holds clothes firmly.  Yet, it won’t leave a trace of the clip on the clothes.

As developing the SII Clip, it took them extra time making sure that this small plastic clip would hold clothes firmly and that no fabric would get caught on the inner bar (no damaging clothes).

By the way, the name “SII Clip (S-two Clip), was adapted because the clip would be Small, but Strong (two Ss).  I thought it was interesting to know how the name was chosen; I believe most of the time developers' intentions, ideas and wish are implied.  I made this article titled "Double-Surprise Small Clip", because a clip user might be surprised to know how strongly this small clip can hold, and surprised again later to witness there is no trace of the clip when it is removed. 

If you are in the dry-cleaning industry and you would like to make your idea into a product, please share it with us.