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Car Umbrella


Illustrated by Natsumi

It is not a pleasant moment to get into a car, parked outside for a few hours or longer on a hot summer day.  When I have to park outdoors, I do look for a spot with nice shade.  However, I might not be always lucky to find such a nice spot, or the beautiful shady spot might be shifted by the time I’m back to the car, making my car hot enough to bake cookies.  Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to park under a tree, but then I soon realize that my luck comes with a cost; I see my car gets new decorations, bird droppings.  Even if I leave windows rolled down a little bit, it can still be extremely hot that I cannot even touch the steering.  I also concern that the UV light is maliciously hitting the car paint.

One of the Geeks readers from Adachi-ku, Tokyo, let us know about this interesting item to us.  It is a huge umbrella for a car.  It has a suction cup at the bottom of the umbrella to stand on the roof of a car, and  ropes will be tied down to the  door handles and/or outside rear view  mirrors.  After these steps are done, the umbrella will be opened using a remote.

This umbrella’s opening and closing operation is only possible with the remote.  When it is in use, no one is likely to take this huge umbrella (2.1m X 3.5m; 7' X 11.5') away, because it cannot be closed without the owner’s remote.  You can be sure your car is still under the umbrella when you come back to your car.

So how effective this umbrella could be?  It says that it can keep it as low as 36.5℃ (97.7°F) when a car’s interior temperature without “Lamode” gets as high as  71.5 ℃ (160.7 °F).  On top of the heat benefit, this umbrella is made out of fiberglass, whihc is tough enough to protect your car against hails and some other falling objects.

Summer is here.  If you are planning to drive to beaches and mountains, “Lanmode” might become on your must bring list.

If you know any interesting items like "Lanmode", please let us know!


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