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Geeks News Letter 2017/08/15

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Our Pick of The Month: 

Car Umbrellacar

It is not a pleasant moment to get into a car, parked outside for a few hours or longer on a hot summer day. When I have to park outdoors, I do look for a spot with nice shade. However, I might not be always lucky to find such a nice spot, or the beautiful shady spot might be shifted by the time I’m back to the car, making my car hot enough to bake cookies. Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to park under a tree, but then I soon realize that my luck comes with a cost; I see my car gets new decorations, bird droppings. Even if I leave windows rolled down...Read More


Work In Progress Product of the Month:

Overcoming ”0.38+(0.005 x L)+(0.0012 x C)-(0.0159 x P x A)3”

Have you ever lost socks? According to a research, 1.3 socks get lost each month on average leaving unpaired socks. This number means 15 socks per year, and for a family of four, 60 socks are gone missing in a year. The reasons for missing socks could be, 1) you never washed the missing sock in the first place. It had been already missing by the time you put laundry into the washing machine. It could be under the bed, or under the bathroom vanity, 2) the missing sock did reach the washing machine, but it got lost in the machine somehow such as being trapped between the inner drum and...More here



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