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One Fits All Hanger: Uni Hanger PP


Illustrated by Natsumi

Have you ever got surprised to know that someone else has just released an idea product to market that is becoming a bestseller?  The point is that it is the same idea you have had for a while, but you just didn’t turn it into a product yet, possibly because you though there was something similar already in market.

Geeks’ affiliated company, Maruso Industry Co, a manufacturer of plastic hangers for drycleaners, created a new type of hanger called “Uni Hanger PP”.

This “Uni-Hanger PP” looks just an ordinary hanger at a glance, so you probably won’t give any “Whoa”.  However, as you learn more about stories behind this hanger, you'll get to know something important about making something new out of “desirable”ideas.  

The most important priority for developing this hanger was set to accommodate any type of garments bought into drycleaners such as men’s and women’s suits, skirts, and shirts.  Usually, drycleaners use different types of hangers accordingly, but Maruso R&D wanted to replace all sorts of hangers with a new multi-functional hanger.  Now this multi-use hanger, Uni Hanger PP, can save dry cleaners’ possibly limited space because there is no need for other types of hangers.  On top of space saving, it can simplify inventory management since this hanger might be the only one needed for all garments.

The R&D team also wanted to be particular about other details too.

  1. They wanted this new hanger to be multi-purpose one, so adding many hooks onto the hangers sounded good in the first place.  However, after experiments, they realized that the more hooks were placed, the more chances clothes could be hitched on hooks, which could be a burden on dry cleaning staff when putting on and removing clothes from the hanger.  Therefore, they carefully decided to put only one pair at the optimal spots.                                                                                                                                                                 
  2. They wanted to maintain suit jackets and shirts 3D shape on this new hanger, but voluminous hangers (=more materials) would cost end-users after all.  Therefore, they made the volume minimum, but the most efficient to create a 3D shape.                                                                                                                                                        
  3. They wanted to encourage drycleaners to recycle hangers their customers would bring back to them.   For this, hangers needed to have a shape that could drain out water easily after they got professionally washed.                                                                                                   
  4. They wanted the hangers to be stackable to organize them easily.                                                                      
  5. They also wanted to have anti-dust and scratch-resistant coating to further encourage repeated reuses of the hangers.

After multiple trial and error adjustments, they turned "user desired ideas" into a product, Uni Hanger PP.

If you happen to see your clothes returned from your dry cleaners on Uni Hanger PP, please observe the ideas Maruso R&D team wouldn't want to be compromising about.

There are probably many things that you think are already in market, but don’t actually exist yet.  Let Geeks help your ideas turn into a product.



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