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Ultimate Bed


Illustrated by Natsumi

Recently, one of my friends moved from her parents’ house to a studio apartment. When she lived in her parents’ spacious house, she didn’t worry about what to have, and what to not have in her place.  But now, since she has a very limited space, she had to contemplate what to bring along for the new place to live comfortably. 

Just about that time, I heard about this cool bed. Other than kitchen, and bathroom which are usually already in apartment room, I would imagine all she had to bring in was this bedroom (if she had already known about the bed).

Here is a typical Sunday morning I’m imagining spending on this bed.

8: 30 AM:  I wake up in the morning and place breakfast on the built-in bedside table.  I enjoy the breakfast while listening to the music on the cellphone connected to the headboard speaker.

9: 00 AM:  After the breakfast, I pick up my favorite book from the bedside build-in book shelf.  After reading a while, I realize it is a little chilly, and then grab a blanket from the under the mattress storage. 

11: 00 PM:  I start feeling like going to the same island  the main character is visiting on the book I’m reading for the next vacation.  I get urgency to check my passport's expiration, so  I reach my passport in the safe under the built-in bedside table to make sure my passport is still valid.

 11: 30 PM:  I feel tired after reading, and scoot over to the massage chair/bed, of course built-in on the bed.  

Indeed, I feel like I don’t need any other furniture besides the bed.  Personally, I wish this bed have some sort of exercise equipment.  But, I’m sure this bed will be a must-have for  someone who has a very limited space just like my friend.

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