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Geeks News Letter 2017/10/01


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Idea Product of Our Pick 1:

One Fits All Hanger:  Uni Hnager PP

This “Uni-Hanger PP” looks just an ordinary hanger at a glance, so you probably won’t give any “Whoa”.  However, as you learn more about stories behind this hanger, you'll get to know something important about making something new out of “desirable”ideas.  

The most important priority for developing this hanger was set to accommodate any type of garments to....Read More


Idea Product of Our Pick 2:

"Ultimate Bed"

Recently, one of my friends moved from her parents’ house to a studio apartment. When she lived in her parents’ spacious house, she didn’t worry about what to have, and what to not have in her place.  But now, since she has a very limited space, she had to contemplate what to bring along for the new place to live comfortably. 

Just about that time, I heard about this cool bed. Other than kitchen, and bathroom  ... Read More



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