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Our Pick of the Month: "Fuzzy Brush"


Illustated by Natsumi


Have you got the urge to brush your teeth while taking a long road trip or being on an airplane?   If you get the urge while driving, then you would have to find somewhere to stop such as restrooms where you can brush your teeth.  And, if you are on an airplane, you might prefer to opt out of occupying the lavatory for extended time.  For these reasons, I usually just chew a gum instead, but I don’t really get the same refreshing feeling that I get from brushing teeth.


One day I just happened to see “Fuzzy Brush” at a vending machine placed in rest area restrooms.  This “Fuzzy Brush” looks like a tiny tooth brush head, but it is soft enough not to get hurt in your mouth.  The brush will remove plaque as chewing it just like you chew a gum, and rolling it around with your tongue in your mouth.  The brush spreads out mint and Xylitol to give you not only the clean teeth, but also the “refreshing feeling”.

Most conveniently, this is an “all in one” tooth brush, you will need neither water nor toothpaste;   All you have to have it “Fuzzy Blush”.  Next time if you get the urge, you might want to try this out.


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