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Our Pick of the Month: Foot Hammock


Illustated by Natsumi

When you are seated for a long time, do you get pain in your legs?  In my case, it really gets painful.  If I’m sitting in my chair at work, I try to sit with my legs crossed on the chair (by the way, I put a throw on my legs!) or try to walk around as often as possible.   But, when I’m on an airplane, I don’t want to bother my neighbors as putting my legs up on the seat.  So my favorite option is not available.  I do get to see foot rests even in economy cabins nowadays, but  those rests are not adjustable.  Threfore, I won't be in a totally comfortable position.

So, this is what I should be trying on my next air trip.  It is a potable foot rest.  It looks just like a hammock.  I will be hanging the hammock using my tray table.  I can adjust the height so that my calves or feet could be positioned ideally.    I believe I won’t be bugging anyone as setting it up (my neighbors might be curious what I'm trying to do though!).  I’m expecting very high to create my comfy private space in the very limited area.

If you have ideas to spend time comfortably in car, airplane, or train, please share them with us!




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