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Our Pick of the Month: Tire Socks


Illustrated by Natsumi

Have you put snow chains on tires?  I’ve been lucky enough to always have someone who can do the work for me so far.  But, when I observe how to put them on, it looks a hard and time consuming task in freezing temperature.  If I need to do this at night, I will be hit with a double-whammy.

How about the noise?  When I drive with chains on, it sounds like something, whether true or false, damaging to the road and tires, not very pleasant.

While looking for alternative chains, I’ve come to see “snow socks”.  It appears kind of cute seeing tires wearing socks, but despite the cute appearance, these socks seem to do a good performance.  Indeed, some countries officially recognize the use of this alternative. 

These socks are woven three dimensionally to get a great grip on the winter surface with fabric called polyprotein which is known to be tough against ice and snow.  And since these are not metal, you won’t hear the scary noise when driving a car with these socks on.

You might want to bring tire chains just in case you might be hitting a snowy day, but you have to think twice because you know the chains take up lots of your trunk space.  These socks can be folded compactly, so whenever there is a very small possibility of snow, go ahead and put these in your car. 

These socks are also washable, and they are to last several seasons depending on the usage.

Younger generations sometime don’t have any idea of things I commonly used until several years ago.  It might not be too long that metal snow chains could only be seen in history museums.