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Geeks News Letter 2017/12/11


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Our Pick of The Month 1:

"Fuzzy Brush"

Have you got the urge to brush your teeth while taking a long road trip or being on an airplane?   If you get the urge while driving, then you would have to find somewhere to stop such as restrooms where you can brush your teeth.  And, if you are on an airplane, you might prefer to opt out of occupying the lavatory for extended time.  For these reasons, I usually just chew a gum instead, but I don’t really get...Read More


Our Pick of The Month 2:

"Foot Hammock"

When you are seated for a long time, do you get pain in your legs?  In my case, it really gets painful.  If I’m sitting in my chair at work, I try to sit with my legs crossed on the chair (by the way, I put a throw on my legs!) or try to walk around as often as possible.   But, when I’m on an airplane, I don’t want to bother my neighbors as putting my legs up on the seat.  So my favorite option is not available.  I do get to see foot rests even in economy cabins nowadays, but  ​  ... More here



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