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I've Geeky Factory launch and Geeks


I have launched a Geeky Factory and Geeks 5 月 28 日 2014.

I accept consultation and ideas related to the manufacturing of variety of people in Geeks.
Be to share in all the delusion and dream of "be nice if there such a thing", it is the site of co-working manufacturing idea to replace the various opinions and advice basically.
I can be also used as showrooms of designers and creators.
Geeky Factory in cooperation with zenmono as crowdfunding of manufacturing, we aim to commercialize a variety of products.

Through Geeky Factory and Geeks, and our own atmosphere to express honestly what I thought he would want to make really, everyone will enjoy it, air mutual respect for the individual ideas and even wacky, no matter how such a feeling of excitement I think you would like to spread to everyone.
Thank you support!