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Q. What is website "Geeks"?
A. Geeks is a website to interact by posting your ideas for fabrication.
Let's post your dreams and fancies.
Let's share opinions and advices together and make your dream come true!


Q. How can I post idea?
A. Please proceed with reading a description in the "Post your idea" after login.


Q. I have no pictures and videos to express my idea. Is that OK?
A. Your hand-drawn image may a help for viewers to understand your idea.
If it is difficult for you, please attach photos related to your idea.


Q. We are so-called "small factory", can we post an idea?
A. Of course. In addition, please actively participate in the ideas that have been posted 
Let's realize the idea with technology of the small factory.


Q. We are so-called "Makers", can we post an idea?
A. Of course. Besides, please participate in commenting ideas advantage of your skills and opinions.


Q. Are there any restriction on the ideas to post?
A. Yes, there is. Things contrary to public order and morals are NG. 
Please read Terms of Use for more information.


Q. What is necessary to post idea?
A. You need sign up and exciting ideas.


Q. How long will it take to get ideas open (to viewers)?
A. It depends on the case, but mostly within a day.


Q. Can I use Geeks for free?
A. Yes, you can. We may provide a paid service separately in the future, but don’t charge without approval of the member. Please be careful of e-mails that pretend to be Geeks.


Q. I don’t know how to post an idea.
A. Please post overview of your idea from "idea post", including the consultation.
Our staff in charge will confirm the contents and contact you.
Contents you post will not be open unless our staff approve of it.
So please feel at ease


Q. What is "Love"?
A. Let's press the "Love" in the comments and ideas that you think you "Like".
The number of "Love" makes the ranking.


Q. Are there any restrictions on the comment to idea?
A. Yes, there is. Thing contrary to public order and morals are NG. 
Please read Terms of Use for more information.
Please refrain from unpleasant remarks to idea posters and other users.
In some cases, operation staff may delete such kind of comment and may suspend account qualification in worst case.


Q. What is "Close"?
A. Let’s close the idea, if your idea is enhanced to satisfactory level.
After you close, you can’t get comments. But it is still possible to view ideas and comments.


Q. Are there any conditions on closing?
A. No, there isn’t. Please close the idea when you satisfied..
  If you want commercialization, you can use “Geeky Factory”, a crowdfunding site for manufacturing.


Q. If I don’t close the idea, what happens?
A. The idea no access and comment certain period of time, it may be operation side is closed. Operation side may close the idea that doesn’t get any comments nor reviews.


Q. Can I change or delete the content of my idea after it has become open viewers?
A. Yes, you can.


Q. Can I cancel my comment?
A. Yes, you can cancel comments of yourself.


Q. Is it OK to advertise my idea on my own after it is posted?
A. Yes! Please advertise your idea aggressively. Let's make things best by involving the idea from everyone.