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Work in Progress Product for This Month: Eco Shredder


Illustrated by Natsumi

Eco Shredder

A shredder is one the heavily used items in an office. It feels great to rip away a tons of paper with top secret information into tiny shredded pieces. Today, we are introducing an idea to reuse those pieces of paper.

Ms. Nina, an office worker, has been feeling bad every time she puts a stack of paper into a shredder. She is fully aware that she has to get rid of the documents due to privacy, yet she knows she can use the other side of every paper as a memo pad/scratch paper.

Here’s is the shredder she has imagined. It can shred paper in way much smaller pieces than the normal shredders does. After the shredding process is done, add some pressure and possibly some sort of glue to the collected piece to produce a new piece of paper. Any designs can be also programed to make a letter paper, envelops or calendrers etc.

It is not only environmentally-friendly, but also can be very stylish.

Geeks are always welcome any interesting ideas that we can share on our site.

Translated by Kai