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Work In Progress Product of the Month: Self Driving Shopping Cart


Illustrated by Natsumi

Many things around us have been changed its shapes into HIGH-TECH ones in the past 10 years or so. One of a few things that hasn't changed that much is a shopping cart.

Have you got hit from behind with a shopping cart? I have, and I know how painful it is. Likewise, I'm afraid whenever my kids steer a cart if they end up hitting someone's Achilles tendon. Ouch!! So I was just thinking about a shopping cart with some sort of censor to decelerate the cart by itself when it was about to hit something when this news came out.

The breaking news came in saying that Walmart obtained a patent related to shopping carts. According to the news, we can assume the cart has a removable motor, censor, and a screen on it. An interface device (presumably a smart phone) enables it to be remote controlled and be brought to you wherever you want it to be or wherever you are. The cart is also expected to take us to a shelf of what we are looking for through an inventory control capability. Also it is said that the carts should be able to go back to any designated areas as pre-programmed when a shopper is done with it. So we won't see any abandoned carts in the parking lots any more.

Walmart hasn't provided as to when these will be available, but I can’t wait to actually use it.


Translated by kai