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Work In Progress Product of the Month: Bed Shelter


Illustrated by Natsumi

Do you have a meeting place for all family members or friends to reunite after an earthquake hits? Or do you have emergency supplies for an earthquake? It is good to be prepared, of course, but have you ever concerned about an earthquake striking while you are asleep?

Miss Nina, who came up with an idea of the Eco-Shredder, is concerned about an earthquake that takes place while sleeping. I remember having a drill of "Drop, Cover, and Hold On". But, how are we supposed to protect ourselves from falling objects under the situation? Now, she comes up with an idea of a shield that can cover from a bed frame to the other opposite side of the bed frame. The cover shall be composed of something both light and heavy duty possibly carbon fibers. Also ideally the bed frame has a built in storage where the cover goes to be stored compactly. We pull out the shield as soon as we feel a shake, but the upgraded version might have sensor that automatically activates the shield to cover and protect a sleeping person when it feels a shake.

By the way, keeping a pair of sturdy shoes is often said to be very helpful. They can help us protect our feet from harmful debris on the floor in the aftermath of earthquake.

Translated by Kai

Please let us know any of your thoughts or ideas of emergency kits.