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Work in Progress for the Month: FoldiMate (Automatic Laundry Folding Machine)


Illustrated by Natsumi

One of the chores that I wish I could bypass somehow is folding the laundry. I am happy to put the laundry in the washer and dryer. Yet, when it comes to holding shirts, pants etc…., my smile fades out.

If you think you are on the same page, then there is a good news for you! “FoldiMate” that will hold the laundry for you is to be released in late 2018. All you have to do is to hang items with their special innovative clips. This easy clipping step takes as little as 3 seconds per item as opposed to 20 seconds for regular hands holding.

You can clip “15-20 items depending on size and feeding speed”, and the laundry will be taken inside of “FoldiMate” for folding. Shortly, professionally looking folded clothes will be out in the tray.

In addition to folding, each item can be also de-wrinkled, “perfumed, softened and treated while being folded”. They look like considering an advanced version that we might not even need to pinch clothes before the folding machine takes them in for folding; we only have to throw in dried clothes into “Foldimate”

“Foldimate” spokesman says that their “goal is to simplify household chores with robotics and technology”, and that they “have many other new ideas.” I’m already looking forward to extra time I will ”obtain" by using their developing ideas that I know will ease my chores. It might include an all-in-one laundry solution; pressing one button does its all, from washing, drying to folding.

By the way, at the moment you can reserve your “FoldiMate” on their website, and you will be “entitled to receive 10% discount when pre-orders open.”