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Work in Progress for the Month: Personal Solar Heater


Illustrated by Natsumi

Every time Cold Season comes around, I think of something: “Could I use sunlight to warm up my room?” as recalling the childhood experiment of creating fire with a magnifying glass.

Now we got a big helper, Miss Kay, who has a background in industrial engineering. With a help of her knowledge, we will be conducting a series of experiments to see if it really works out. By the way, I will write about Miss Kay whom I originally met at Vocademy (makers space) next time.

So the basic idea is that a sheet with lots of lens shaped bumps is attached on the window. Each lens will be collecting sunlight on a fire proof panel/curtain. The heated panel then will release heat to warm up the surrounding air in the room. We will be updating the results of experiment such as: How much heat it can collect if it’s ever possible? What material of panel should be used? What shape and size of lens is optimal?

If you’ve got an idea to work on this experiment, please share on our site.