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Wish List ① 1 of 2


Illustrated by Natsumi

I had never thought in my childhood that I would be talking to someone over the phone while watching the person talking at the other end of the line. I also had never thought I would be taking a college class and even an exam without stepping out of the house; online. Now there are many that we use in everyday life that we couldn't imagine to have decades ago.

Here is a list of “I wish I had this” items that currently, I believe, not available (at least easily), but who knows if they could be available in the coming years.

1. Soy Sauce Plates That Keep Away Fries.
Miss K who works at a Sushi restaurant often gets bothered by flies that seem to be attracted to soy sauce. Sushi without soy sauce is hard to imagine, but sushi with a fly is totally unpalatable! She worries if a fly gets into her customer’s soy sauce in a soy sauce plate, and wishes if there is a special plate that is possibly radiating low frequency sounds to keep flies away.

2. Stomach Growling Sound Absorber
Mrs. Y’s company somehow likes to do meeting right before lunch time. Her stomach rumbles without mercy in the quite meeting room. Clothes with built in noise absorber or an app to neutralize the unwanted sound should make her smile.

3. Decrystallizer
I loved spreading honey and butter on my toast for weeks, and all of sudden I got bored, and started spreading Nutella instead. After months, I grabbed a plastic bottle of honey and realized that no matter how hard I tried, any single drip of honey wouldn’t come out. It was totally crystallized. I currently have 3 bottles of crystallized honey in my cabinet; reluctant to discard them yet. If they are glass jars, then I would like to decrystallize them in hot water or so, but they are in cute bear plastic bottles.

The second half of the list continues here