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Illustrated by Natsumi

4. Inside Out Corrector
It looks like it is a universal household issue that kids (maybe some grownups too?) take off their dirty socks inside out. Mrs. M likes doing laundry, but not sorting out paired clean socks right side out. She dreams to have a washing machine that does this flipping inside out socks job for her and preferably matching socks job as well.

5. Built in Dishwasher Cabinet
Mrs. A is a working mom who dreams of having time for herself to do some hobbies, and wishes to have this. A built in dishwasher cabinet. She is an environmental conscious person, who waits to run the dishwasher until it's full; good behavior, but creates a bane! She has to put all the accumulated dishes back to the cabinet after the wash is done. She desperately wants to have a dishwasher that has a function to sort and move all the cleaned dishes to the cabinet, or a cabinet where she can place dirty dishes to be washed automatically in the cabinet. If she had one, it would definitely create spare time for her.

When I was listening to these dream item stories, I honestly felt like, “Oh no, that sounds unrealistic to exist” But, technologies are changing, and ideas are much easier to share with anyone in the world for a collaboration opportunity. So, we might be seeing one or more of these dream items sometime in the future.

Do you feel like you can contribute to these dream items? Or do you also have a dream product idea? Please let us know. We might be of your help! Or you might be of our help!