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Rider Helper


Illustrated by Natsumi

If you have a smaller kid, how often do you buy a bike? One source says that 12 inches bike suits for 2- 4 years old, 16 inches for 4-6, and 20 inches for 5-8. In my case, my daughter used a 12” bike with training wheels. Then, she got ready for a bike without training wheels. That was the time when I had to decide if I would buy a 16’’ or 20’’. She bikes 20’’ perfectly, but she cannot reach the ground even using her tippy toes; I have to be right next to her whenever she wants to pull over so that she won’t get hurt. I could’ve got her a 16’’, but I knew she would outgrow the bike anytime very soon. I opted out 16’’ because I was so sure I would have to get her a 20” in a year or even less.

I thought about having her wear my high heels, but of course my heels would be too big. So this is I think I need…. It is very simple; it is just something to help her flat foot it whenever she wants to stop. I prefer the part that touches the pedals to be thin so that she can ride without feeling the gadget. And it should have a space for a pedal (as pictured above), and at the bottom where it touches the ground should have nice cushion to accommodate any tough surface.

If I there are these extensions for kids, then smaller kids can ride a little bit bigger bikes safely, they can enjoy their bikes longer years, and it should save parents some $$ too.