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Overcoming ”0.38+(0.005 x L)+(0.0012 x C)-(0.0159 x P x A)3”


Illustrated by Natsumi

Have you ever lost socks?

According to a research, 1.3 socks get lost each month on average leaving unpaired socks. This number means 15 socks per year, and for a family of four, 60 socks are gone missing in a year.

The reasons for missing socks could be, 1) you never washed the missing sock in the first place. It had been already missing by the time you put laundry into the washing machine. It could be under the bed, or under the bathroom vanity, 2) the missing sock did reach the washing machine, but it got lost in the machine somehow such as being trapped between the inner drum and the outer drum, and 3) it got into “the shirts sleeve or pants leg” in the wash. Even if you find the missing sock later on, the other sock (originally not the missing one) could be already gone missing or could be thrown away, making unable to reunite the pair. If you take off and pair your socks by folding together immediately, and wash them as is, then you’ll see the socks are not washed and dried well…….

This hanger might be able to reduce the possibility.

It is a hanger specialized for socks. You keep this hanger somewhere in the bathroom, and as soon as you take off your socks, you place them in a subdivided pouch. The hanger can accommodate several pairs of socks, so you keep putting them until you are ready to wash them. When it is time to do laundry, you put the entire hanger into the laundry. The hanger material needs to be something heavy duty; washable and dryable. Or you prefer, you can sundry by placing the hanger somewhere outside. When they are dry, you could hang the entire hanger in the closet. Since they are already sorted out by porch visibly, you can choose the pair you would like to wear right away.

By the way, what do you think of the formula in the title section: 0.38 + (0.005 x L) + (0.0012 x C) - (0.0159 x P x A) 3? It is a formula to calculate the possibility of losing a sock in a week. It is surprising to know there is such a formula!

You have socks problem episode? Or you have ideas how to solve it? Then, please share it with Geeks.


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