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Gas Turn Off Reminder


Illustrated by Natsumi

One of my friends told me this scary story: He came back home late at night after his family members fell asleep, and as soon as he stepped into the house, he found himself coming back to the smell of rotten egg. Somehow the gas nob was at the on position without flame.

I am, of course, trying to be careful with the gas, but sometimes I cannot remember if I have shut it off. For example, If I’m cooking up to the last minute and leave home, then I’m very worried if I ‘ve turned off the gas. I have had to come back home many times to make sure if it is indeed off.

I wish I had this is a device that would warn me if I’m trying to leave home or go to bed without turning off the gas. While the gas nob is at the ON position, it releases a radio frequency. Devices installed on the wall close to the entry door and the bedroom door will receive the information. If I'm trying to pass through the door with a cellphone with a gas warning app, then the app will alert me. It might be easier to imagine gates in stores that will buzz if items are carried through without being paid. This system will make sure the gas is off before leaving home or going to bed. Even if I suddenly worry about the gas while I'm out, knowing the fact that the alarm hasn't gone off can give me a sense of security.

As alternatives for people who don’t carry smart phones, a device might be installed on a house key instead of a cellphone app. If a house key is carried through the receiving device on the wall, then the key will vibrate to alert you. Likewise, if a light switch in the bedroom can have a radio frequency receiving device, then the switch will let me know if I"m trying to sleep with the gas on.

If you have any other ideas to prevent from forgetting to turn off the gas, please share it with us.