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Bike rental in the vicinity of the station


Overview It is common to purchase a bicycle feeling inconveniently because walking often from the station. However, there are a lot of bicycles not used in the bicycle station of the station. From the people who use it I would like them to be removed quickly, and from the people in the office, I do not think there is such a cost and I think they are in trouble. · Purpose So that everyone can freely move from station to station. · Proposal 01 To make it possible to register the general people at all stations rather than discarding them to the station arbitrarily as part of the volunteer. 02 Restoration of abandoned bicycles 03 Unmanned rental bicycle parking system 04 Rental is a membership system Cost is based on the current survey and structure making ※ The rental fee increases after the realization of the operation cost and the repair of the bicycle after realization of repair of the bicycle I think whether it will be useful for new initiatives such as the environment. I think that there is also a possibility of putting moped bikes etc.