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Memo~tsu catch (Kitakyushu valve)


It is the IoT product to be mounted to a fishing rod. - You can count on, such as the number of times Sumahoapuri shook the pole by measuring the amount of fishing line. · You can upload it to take pictures of fish that you catch. , Where the number of times pole waving in the GPS, you can share it or was able to catch a fish of any photo. It is a want such products.


Masanori Sakai・2014/05/23

We hope that they can be connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone. But, seems to be that too much information I share fishing angler field, but I w

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    Ryoma Kondo・2014/05/23

    I heard such as there are people who are making the catch soft towards the Lake Hamana Makers Sakai's, but Why not be introduced?

三浦 政景・2014/05/28

Prototype experience "counter float float"! And to measure the movement of the rod and thread seems expensive hurdle yet, (where what animals what) I felt there needs to share a niche catch.


I think because there analyzed by (Tide Table), leaving the fishing (fish print) culture, and I think we love the data I angler. To grasp without resistance movement of the rod and thread it is seems difficult, but its suburbs Kitakyushu, because some fishing famous manufacturers in the country that point and Tsuriken, It is good to be able to talk.