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Care with under a


I propose the underwear shirt of PEG ·'s peritoneal dialysis. against the person of the state medical, catheter (tube) is inserted into the abdomen, storage of that has devised an easy underwear. It is a thing underwear inside, was fitted with a pocket that can be contained within the tube. You can reduce not in the ready-made, and the trouble that comes off the tube by attaching it (which is put in from both the left and right) inside pocket. Families and those who are using a gastrostomy (PEG) oral intake to not be, there is a demand in helping to its management and feel.


三浦 政景・2014/05/29

For me you have never experienced the reality of field medical and nursing care, it is ideas basis "eye-opening", but compelling needs of the people of the parties and the field will take in from posts. I would like to consider, such as those collected needs and comments from people who every day are working in the field medical care, nursing care, and policy.


Thank you for comment. I believe the people who will be subject will be narrowed down, but that there are needs. I feel that by such as aging of caregivers, your family is to process the shirt as difficult. And its hygroscopicity and feel is also important especially underwear, ready for a plurality is required. I think that it would like to continue the trial in the future.