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To sell hi-res sound and CD of piano music that was composed


We're now an album of original piano music at home. Last time, announced an album by the synthesizer of "A Dream For Everyone". I received the evaluation of the more variety for the time of work and a concert, was to pass along with the business card you can sell, your edge is also, There are many people. It means that there is also thanks to the support of people around you, to announce an album of original songs for the second time this time. Album name for this is "the time of happiness." It is said also last time, original songs of gentle classical music-like there are many songs to make. I believe I also do CD press and sales When you have finished, but from the feeling that I want you to listen to music in a relaxed manner with better sound, you want to sell high resolution sound source even (96Khz · 24bit · Wave file). At a later date, I will also report for the album. It is only studying, but still, everyone, thank you kindly. ※ videos listen for there is not a high resolution sound source. Please note. Design of the image of the video is the jacket for a distribution site and CD.


Nobuya Kobori・2014/05/29

Thank you for comments and information. Right now, the recording of high resolution sound source of piano music is very unexpectedly, but (effects such as reverberation and will tend to be funny), while wrestling with the machine somehow, we are recording. In addition, I will upload the audition video of the song in order. Thank you for your attention.