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Trash that extends


0. "It is trash that extends" to be fixed in the garbage in the trash that stretched. 1. By overlapping two boxes about the size of rack treasure old newspapers, and set the garbage bag of commercial there. 2. Of dust less okay with this, but in raised tension towards the inside you have piled trash when an increasing number, and then to the trash of the height of about two times that of the original. 3. The fixing the recycle bin of that time in it is garbage collected. So, the trash in it and take out garbage bags each, had been extended to return to the original. 4. Square hole in it in a box outside the box side of the middle looks like the T-shaped. Box of the inside's going to block the square hole in a box outside, although it is usual to use when I pull it, debris so caught there in a state hole that may open there, Yoko medium side will not fall.


三浦 政景・2014/06/01

I agree obediently. Because I thought to develop released product called newspaper convenient rack in our old days, and a big failure, and intends to drop mold, or can not use it to improve, consider. Intellectual property is, you will be attributed to the author of course.

三浦 政景・2014/06/03

It's confirmed with production department, but the mold of "newspaper convenient rack" has incorrectly been discarded already. Although it was a product of the shape and functionality similar to the attached image. It is not possible for your cooperation directly, I am sorry. On the other hand, I think the only things (like shape of the ashtray to give drink holder of the car) bellows structure for automobiles, trash you can shrink, size changes, so do not see, it's a valuable idea.