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(Hoe it hard to stick to the soil) farm tools


Easy to work in muddy soil, I suggest hoe that it is easy to use with a lightweight. It became easier to work than traditional mono by the metal part of the hoe, to protruding in a hole. Structure does not change as the thing of the conventional simple, how to use. Peeling the soil well by protrusions with the holes, the burden at the time of the work is reduced. It also does not become heavier than conventional products.


三浦 政景・2014/06/06

I tried to search for "hoe", products that have this kind of idea and function did not come out. Imagination does not arrive or was done machining of prototype how, but because there is a (metal DIY) DIY workshop of metal working, (the location is's the Yokohama however) will be happy to information share your information.


It is I you have a Tsuchiijiri with the gloves, but I want you to put the tip of the glove thing that has a small hoe this light (like a nail). It is I want to plow (?) Soil as the hands of the mole so want to take roots every time you unplug the grass. And I'm glad to be Fusegere also it because unpleasant soil into the nail and just work gloves! I love weeding, but I don't like soil trapped underneath my fingernail. It takes me a lot to get them all cleaned out. Maybe gardening groves with light weighted mini plows would help me root out weeds nicely and stay clean at the same time !

三浦 政景・2014/06/09

You may change in thinking, but soil / grass is hard to be stuck in a lightweight, what gloves of metal claws? On to examine whether there is something similar, I wonder Let's prototype.