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Sticky Notes-like gum found surprised face of opponent


Once upon a time, though it looks plate gum, it was not a toy I caught a finger spring is come out when you try to take the gum? If you say so, a lot of people say "Oh, you! I was" What. For a long time, if you have enjoyed among the people, to get used to smile at the story of the common more than a generation. I want to make is what kind of art planning unit based on the concept that you stir up a surprise communication and "water flea". Look's stick gum but, and it was thought, contents Sticky Notes and opened. You can pass in the impact and the making topic to companies that you pass to write the confession statement of sticky during the hear for the first time. I enjoy a bit of surprise, I want it is to be understood that communication is born "It was the such. Was there!" Tteyuu even after '10. Details of planning fun ^ ^ is the stationery you have thought in such a think ^ ^ Art planning unit from here, type sticky gum ↓ planning to incorporate the surprise of water flea


三浦 政景・2014/06/03

I found "Takara Tommy was released four years ago in collaboration with Lotte, Gamureta" products I thought concept and I wish similar just a little, for your information, we will introduce. I think, even in comparison with this, look's a stick of chewing gum, but the idea of ​​sticky notes and the contents are distinguished. Printing on sticky notes in the state wrapped in ① silver paper (to wrap in aluminum foil individually with memos to sticky notes, user load is heavy or), subject to the prototyping and commercialization, ② plate gum I think it is assumed that the concern to the specifications of the package, it's, or return to the original state how the thing which has been opened to beat. We are looking forward to the fact that not only this site, to share this idea, and come across ideas and technologies Challenges of these.

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    Miura-like comment, thank you! The Gamureta, I thought, "paying attention point Na interesting" and to find when the time, had been investigated refine the planning of gum note project. It depends on the appeal process around here for ①, but sticky, part of it has become a blank to things such as "Quotations of ● ●" questions or want to hear, it's try to write to the other party is basically How about it? I think. That the "business-friendly", "love for" or "friend's" corresponds in a different format by the target is not that good do the rest? With. For ②, with respect to those opened to beat once, I wonder if there is no choice but to be used is still broke the second time? I think. I think there is no impact to pass to beat the first time, of course, whether there is enough impact without breaking. If you want to to break anyway, so as to be inserted from the side opposite to the surface to break the package of Gamumemo, only package part, it's that to be sold in (sold separately) and Why? Since I think because there was also found to try to take the quote printing house this Gamumemo in fact, want to close-to-market with Share information more and more, our customers valuable opinions as Miura-like, very I am glad! Thank you ^ ^