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This is a ribbon which I made with scrap wood.
This material is brass wire.


三浦 政景・2014/06/04

Inspired by the word "recycle artist", we will share The photo, taken with a view as material, waste material (plastic hanger manufacturing) plant of the Company. If you are run with the aim of manufacturing and management of reuse and recycling recycling, final disposal rate of waste material is extremely low the Company but, since this will tend to be regarded as "things I hate" the waste that comes out absolutely , point of view and approach of your two-way is very fresh. I would like to do in scrap wood art contest in-house once.

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    Guy such tree like you make a lighting equipment and clothes hanger Miura ☆ of plastic is applied clothes ^ ^ * full-seems to make

三浦 政景・2014/06/09

Since our company a company of '39 hanger ray, in an interview from the media, when it is asked that "in the hanger other applications?" Is, I had the impatience that can not be good reply well, " The idea guy "such tree like a hang up clothes and lighting equipment to be multiplied by the clothes will be very stimulating. When you want to try something specific, let me put you voice.